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1 in 6

Australians have had a notifiable STI in their lifetime


So no need to be embarrassed about it! 

A notifiable infection is a disease that healthcare providers are required by law to report to public health authorities.

(National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS)

STI Prevention 

Here are the best ways to help prevent STIs.

Doing these things reduce your risk of getting an STI, but there is still a chance of infection.

Hormonal contraception such as the birth control pill does not protect you from STIs.

Use protection 

Use condoms and dental dams, with water or silicone based lubricants.

Test regularly

Many STIs do not cause any symptoms at all, so you should test regularly to be sure of your status.

PrEP for HIV Prevention

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is for high risk people to reduce the risk of HIV

Get vaccinated

Vaccinations are available for hepatitis B, hepatitis A, mpox and HPV. You may have to pay for a hep A vaccine.

Practise safer sex

Which is consensual and doesn’t involve the exchange of semen, vaginal fluids or blood between partners.

Sexual Health in Tasmania 

Statewide Sexual Health Services (Free)

  • Clinics in Hobart, Launceston, and an outreach clinic in Devonport
  • Appointment required

Family Planning Tasmania

  • Clinics in Burnie, Launceston, and Glenorchy
  • Bulk billed for Medicare card holders
  • Appointment required

Your GP


  • Appointment required

Stigma Health (Online)

  • Minimal waiting period
  • Online
  • Low to no cost

Bulk condoms and lubes

Buy beppy sponges, condoms and lubes in reasonable prices from the TasCAHRD office.

Free condom wallets

Free safer sex packs delivered to your doorstep.Safer sex packs include 10 free condoms and sachets of lubes.

Bulk condom wallets

Get condom wallets in bulk for your organisation, event or party. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Sexual Health Hotline

Free and confidential information on Sexual Health