World AIDS Day 2014


To mark World AIDS Day in 2014, the Tasmanian Council on AIDS, Hepatitis and Related Diseases will be running many activities to raise awareness of the issues, including distributing Red Ribbon Donation Boxes at selected locations across the state, holding a fundraising day on December 1, distributing World AIDS Day awareness material in the community, putting up information displays, and running an education campaign.

As well as raising awareness of HIV/AIDS in Tasmania, World AIDS Day is an important opportunity to raise funds to allow important HIV/AIDS related work to continue.

A range of advances in HIV prevention, testing and treatment technologies and understanding means the possibility exists of preventing all HIV transmissions in Australia. is an award winning campaign originating from the AIDS Council of NSW, and brings information about all these advances together in the one place for community members to access.


By ensuring that:

  • EVERY sexually active gay man tests regularly for HIV
  • EVERY gay man diagnosed with HIV has access to treatment as soon after diagnosis as possible
  • EVERY gay man collaborates to sustain or increase their safe behaviours and/or sexual risk minimisation
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